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Dec 9, 2012 10:00am PST
honors a vision of the virgin mary reported near mexico city in the year 1531. thousands of tholics travel each year to he basica built there in her name. also on our calendar this weekend, catholics observe the feast of the immaculate conception when they celebrate the belief that mary, the mother of jesus, was proceed served from the taint of original sin all of her life. buddhists mark bodhe day when they believe he attained enlightenment and reached a state of nirvana. according to tradition he did so sitting under the tree. finally, hanukkah begins this weekend when jews light their hanukkah lamps. the holiday recalls the victory of the soldiers over the asyriai greek king. we speak with suzanne bronstein, curator of the jewish museum in new york about the collection of hanukkah lamps, the largest in the world. >> the rabbis associated a miracle with the holiday. that when the ancient soldiers came to rededicate the temple in jerusalem and they lit the menorah in the temple, they only have one thing of oil to burn for one day, burn it burned for eight. that's why we call it the
Dec 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
female health worker and her driver were shot dead in northwest pakistan. in the nearby city of peshawar a male team member was killed. five anti-polio workers were ter killed on monday and tuesday. >> translator: i don't know what i should do. my mind isn't functioning. >> in a separate incident an 18-year-old woman who was supervising a vaccination campaign was shot dead on tuesday. in another attack a group of health workers were targets in a north western town on monday and three members of security forces accompanying them were killed. it's not clear who is behind the attacks. the taliban has denounced anti-polio campaigns. accusations condemn eed the attacks. >>> people have been dealing with widespread flooding in sri lanka. >> the rain has been in parts of northwest sri lanka. three days of severe wet weather had caused floods and landslides. it has left 20 people dead. thousands of houses are damaged. the floods also destroyed several,0 several thousand acres of rice patties. unfortunately, rain is not going anywhere. we anticipate rain to continue into the weekend and
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm PST
lot of what she was doing with her life, you know, we grew up in a family that was very political, not just in terms of being in electoral politics. my mom ran for city council when she was 23 years old before there were single member districts in san anton yom. but also i think going to different civic events. we grew a real civic conscience, i like to say, and an appreciation forow govement can help people in their lives en itork ght, when it's not heavy-handed, but when it works right. >> rose: the remarkable thing su both went to standford, to harvard law school. >> can't get rid of us. >> rose: is that right? but what is that? you are twins, clearly have the same profession, same educational background, same mother. how close are you? >> we're very close. >> and generally in my life i found that twins do one of two things. either they're very close and stay that way or they try hard as they can to distinguish themlvesro one another. and we're the former. we're just, we remain very, very close, as you said, went to college and law school together. we are both attorneys. we're
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3